Shannon White, LCDC, Executive Director

Shannon White LCDC graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in early childhood education. After her last drink on August 24, 2007 she left the teaching field and went back to school to get her LCDC license. In 2011 the dream of having a treatment center where she would have wanted to begin her recovery became a reality with GraceToChange. Shannon has participated in multiple drug courts, has voluntarily taught 2 classes a week of MRT inside the Collin County Jail since 2014 and has become an avid advocate for those suffering from the disease of addiction. Her idea for Tiny House Big Recovery was born because of her time in the jail with women who wanted a different life but housing was a roadblock.

Jennifer Chelgren, LCDC

Jennifer Chelgren LCDC has dedicated her career to helping men and women in their recovery of substance use disorders. After 20 years of drug addiction, Jennifer paired her life experiences with her skills and passion. She completed her coursework in counseling in 2013 and became a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. She provides individual and group therapy to adolescents and adult clients. In addition, she is a certified Moral Reconation Therapy Instructor and is the primary facilitator for the men and women MRT classes. Jennifer has been married for 22 years and has a 19 year old daughter, who is also living a life of recovery. Jennifer is active in Alcoholics Anonymous and her recovery community.

Kim Hughes, Community Outreach and Marketing

Kim started her career at GraceToChange in 2016 after spending several years utilizing the program with her teenage daughter who is now in recovery. This gives her the opportunity to offer support to parents as they face addiction with their children. She currently focuses on community outreach through marketing and networking within the local community to raise awareness and assistance. She considers her position not a job but her passion in life. Currently she is representing GraceToChange in the Leadership McKinney Class of 2017.

Jason Hernandez, Youth & Program Development

Jason Hernandez is one of the first individuals to receive clemency from President Obama wherein his sentence of Life Without Parole for a non-violent drug crime was reduced to 20 years. Based on Jason’s mistakes as a youth and the extraordinary transformation he has undertaken, he is a leading voice and his insight highly sought after in issues pertaining to at risk youth, school to prison pipeline, prison reform and prisoner re-entry. He has been featured in several mainstream media outlets, including Time Magazine. His mission with GraceToChange that began in 2016 is Youth Outreach and the development of programs to assist youth.

Mitzi Yavoski, Board of Directors

Mitzi Yavoski Recently retiring from a 40 year career as a registered nurse and Diabetes Educator, Mitzi continues to work with clients for insulin pump use, enjoying the opportunity for individual relationships and instruction. Mitzi is a lifelong learner, naturally researching whatever life sends her way. Her volunteer work with Grace To Change involves encouraging those in long term recovery from substance abuse and helping to break down obstacles that may affect them. Advocating for change alongside the recovery community, Mitzi continues work toward solutions for those in long term recovery, believing "Change a Life, Change a Community"

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We are actively searching to purchase land, receive a land donation or possible rent a home that has land attached to it. Once that is established we will be purchasing the tiny houses and working on getting those ready for the women. We are asking for assistance from roofers, plumbers, electricians, or any other tradesmen that would be willing to donate their time and or supplies to this mission. All donations will go towards these immediate needs.


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